A review of the ‘Kyoshi Novels’


An interesting difference between this book and the animated series is the, almost jarring change in tone and theme. While the original series was very mature and tackled deep themes, it was also mostly childish and kid-friendly. The Kyoshi novels, in contrast, are very dark and are not afraid of tackling more ‘PG’ theme’s and subjects. It is interesting because Avatar Kyoshi was infamous for being the most ruthless Avatar of all time, and it’s mirrored by her dark backstory.


One of the best parts of the Novels is that they flesh out and expand the world of Avatar, like never before. There are cool easter eggs and interesting tidbits of lore everywhere. Even more so, it introduced and expanded on things that fit in with the world and felt natural while doing so.


For the most part, the story only revolves around Kyoshi, but other major characters are also present, they are all very interesting. But other than the villains, Kyoshi herself is a very well written character to read about. It is interesting to see how she goes from being a humble servant to one of the most powerful and terrifying Avatars to ever exist.


One of the best parts of both novels is how the main antagonists are personal to Kyoshi, whether she loves or hates them. The antagonist of the first novel(Jainzhu) was incredibly smart, a genius. The antagonist of the second novel(Yun), however, was personally important to Kyoshi and therefore made their clash a lot more emotional.


Of course, we should also talk about the Magic System that gave Avatar, a lot of its charm- The Bending.


In conclusion, the Kyoshi Novels are an excellent read and a wonderful addition to the Avatar World. They are a must-read for any Avatar Fan.



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